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Get ready to live big.

You are amazing. And you deserve to live big.

Do you have a champion in your life who listens, truly listens, to what you have to say and helps you reach your goals? Someone who helps you be accountable to your dreams and the tactical steps that will get you there?

I work with people everyday who feel stuck: in their career, family life, health, relationships. We all know what we want. We want to live the life we’re meant to live - to feel grounded and resonant in being aligned with our purpose. Whether you know that purpose yet or not, you have one. And I can help you figure it out.


When you work with me, you’ll:

  • Define your values

  • Create your life purpose

  • Develop awareness for the present moment

  • Actively work towards fulfilling your values and life purpose

About Bea

I am a life and career transitions coach who specializes in inspiring others to live big and unapologetically. Having found my life purpose, it is my deepest joy to help others find theirs.


After returning to work 5 months after having my son, I had an identity crisis. From that, I decided to create a community of new parents and working professionals who could support each other as they transition back to the workplace.


Prior to coaching, I ran and successfully sold an education startup. My past life also includes over 15 years of experience in client services and change management. I have a bachelor's from Stanford University and am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

What is coaching?

People often seek coaching for many reasons: they lack a clear vision of what they want, or their vision is so large they feel overwhelmed; they feel stuck in an area of their life; they want to invest in their personal growth; they want to gain more confidence. Simply put, people want to raise the ceiling of their potential and live their dreams.

My method of co-active coaching means that the coach and the client are equal partners. You are the expert in your life. I am the expert in helping you uncover what you want and how to get there. Here are 3 main reasons why people should have a life coach:

Achieve fulfillment.

  • Discover your values. You are what you value.

  • Uncover your life purpose. Why were you placed on this earth?

  • Coax and nourish your inner leader.

View your circumstances from other perspectives.

  • Realize that your truth is not the truth. 

  • Learn to separate facts from your interpretation of those facts.​

Discover the depths of your emotional self.

  • People don't like feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated, angry; so they usually do everything they can to avoid them. But through coaching, it's important to resolve those feelings and understand that your ability to process your lowest moments enables you to experience your highest joys.

Is coaching right for you?


If you're tired of feeling like there should be "more" in life, then life coaching is for you. 


Here are the types of clients I love to work with:

New Parents

Oftentimes, our priorities shift after baby arrives. Are you a parent first, then a career professional, and then a life partner...? Finding who you are after having children can feel daunting and overwhelming. I love working with new parents to help them rediscover who they are.

Young Professionals

Ah, the world is full of possibilities! But that vision you have of your life is fuzzy and jumbled. I work with young professionals to navigate those big first milestones of adulthood.

"Third-life Crisis" Individuals 

Many people, with a decade or so of work under their belts, suffer a third-life crisis that usually starts with "What am I doing with my life??" I love these clients because it is never too late to fulfill your life purpose - and I promise, you have one.



Anyone who'd like to raise the bar in their careers and create positive change in their lives and communities should grab at the chance to receive coaching from Bea.” 


—  Shaw Yean L.


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