Bea Kim Coaching – Live Big and Unapologetically

Bea Kim Coaching - Live Big and Unapologetically

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My Philosophy

Get ready to live, work, and play BIG.

Do you have a champion in your life who listens to what you have to say, and helps you reach your goals? Someone who helps you be accountable to your dreams and the tactical steps that will get you there?

I work with people every day who want change: in their career, family life, health, relationships. We all know what we want. We want to live the life we’re meant to live – to feel grounded and resonant in being aligned with our values and purpose.

When you work with me, you’ll:

Define your values

Create your purpose

Develop awareness for the present moment

Actively work towards fulfilling your life purpose

What is Coaching?

People often seek coaching for many reasons: they lack a clear vision of what they want, or their vision is so large they feel overwhelmed; they feel stuck in an area of their life; they want to invest in their growth; they want to gain more confidence. Simply put, people want to raise the ceiling of their potential and live their values and purpose.

My method of co-active coaching means that the coach and the client are equal partners. You are the expert in your life. I am the expert in helping you uncover what you want and how to get there. Here are three main reasons why people should have a life coach.

My Services

As an experienced coach, speaker, and facilitator, I can help you and your organization in a variety of ways.


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Success Stories

What My Clients Have to Say

Nadia de Ala – Leadership & Negotiations Coach for WOC
“Bea’s super powers are love, intuition and creating a safe space for you to bring the 1% of you that you’re scared to share with anyone else. Through coaching with Bea, I was able to start the “decolonization process” of my mind, business and life. I was able to let go of any “security blankets” that kept me playing small and stopped me from taking risks. In our work together, I’m now more connected and trusting of my intuition, and my actions are aligned with what I value most in this world.”
Shaw Yean – VP of Finance & Operations
“Anyone who’d like to raise the bar in their careers and create positive change in their lives and communities should grab at the chance to receive coaching from Bea.”
Jessica Giovanetti – Director of HR
“Going back to a demanding job as a new mom was more difficult than I ever imagined. Bea has been the saving grace during my transition, helping to ensure I am able to balance my desire to be a high performer at work as well as a dedicated mom. Bea has helped me uncover things about myself I wasn’t fully aware of (or at least not sure to act on), has given me tangible steps to meet my goals, kept me accountable in the most supportive way, and has shared insights that I will hold onto forever. She has helped me move from survive to thrive.”
Caroline Peters – Customer Success
“Having a deeper understanding of my core values has allowed me to greater embody them, leaving me feeling more fulfilled. I’m curious in the present, excited for the future, and ecstatic about the personal growth that I’ve gone through, and will continue working with Bea.”
Karishma Shah – Emerging Leaders Coach
"Beatrice is such a naturally gifted coach. She has a wealth of experience that she brings to the table and inspires you to aim high and take action on your big dreams and goals. She's easy to talk to and is masterful at holding space for her clients. Hire her and thank me later."

Companies my clients have worked at: